May flowers and June bugs?

Well… May has turned to June and we have seen lots of June bugs, but that isn’t all that is happening here.

purple rube locustWe have fruit and berries popping and the veggies are planted. So many colourful blooms and the fragrance of lilacs wafts through the air. I have planted many kinds of potatoes this year, which is a new experience for me. I have also started my very own sweet potato slips as well, so excited to see how well they grow this summer!

We have not found “the” house in Nova Scotia yet, but we are looking and planning on making a return trip at the end of the June/ beginning of July. I have to admit that I am finding that patience is not one of my strongest qualities and I am getting a little frustrated. I know what I want and what I want to spend, as well as I know where I am willing to compromise on what I want, but it hasn’t shown up yet.

Our house here is causing me a little stress in that it is torn apart while I try to sort and purge what I don’t need to take with us, not the easiest thing when you don’t know what you will need. We have taken to doing the outside work as a way to feel as though we have some control of our environment and it is helping a little.

2017-06-03 12.37.45

Speaking of gardens, I was able to go to my favorite Hosta sale and I purchased 18 new Hosta’s. I love what they offer to a garden, quite a bang for the buck. Did you know that some varieties are edible? I will post more about that in my next blog post and maybe a few other edibles to forage for this season. Until then…

Joy, Love & Awareness,



Happy Easter!

Well we enjoyed having our daughter, son-in-law and our grand kids over for an early Easter supper today. Typical of me these days we had great food served on paper plates and bowls from Christmas. No, I am not lazy I am just trying to use up many of the items hanging around the house before we move.

Now I know I said I was set on a property and I stil201610902_1-copyl love it, however, Kerry doesn’t feel the same way I do unfortunately. 😦 He is not sure of the area and the work rewired there. So, I have been feverishly looking for other properties in Nova Scotia.

We have found one that is move in ready, that checks all of our boxes except the asking price is $99,000 over what we wanted to spend and there is no high-speed internet so for me it is a no go. The second property is a fixer upper. It has the buildings and land that i would like, but again Kerry is concerned with the amount of work required to get it where we would like it to be. I will continue the search!

I have recently attended our coffee business regional conference in Toronto, Canada and all I can say is WOW!! They announced 2 new amazing products that I believe will be game changers in people’s lives and they also brought back our beloved Italian roast weight loss coffee, the original formula with and extra boost for those of us in pre-menopause thru post-menopause…WooHoo! How does it get better than that?

Two of the new products will be available on April 25th, but tha amazine Prevail MAX I have just received and we are loving it! Improved energy and concentration are just part of it. It cleasnses the blood, improves blood flow and increases the oxegen in your blood and we all know blood is life right!

A crazy opportunity & change

January 2017 has been an interesting month, so far I have bounced back and forth between staying at our current house and moving at least a half dozen times. We began the year looking at ways to make more money and then I thought why do we have to earn more money? We could instead become more aware of our money and how we use it. We could spend less and assess where we could do better at keeping more of our money. I mean do we really need to eat out once a week and if not then certainly do not need to do it multiple times a week!

I began the arduous task of looking through our banking transactions to find out where else we could reduce unnecessary spending. I was shocked and disgusted with what I found! We had been hemorrhaging money, to the tune of another mortgage payment. Sitting looking at the screen of my computer I felt sick, a deep knot in my stomach developed and I soon had to decide what our next step would be.

Do we really need a house this big? The bills keep going up and the mortgage is slow to go down. Is it adding to the quality of our lives or is it adding more stress? It was time to have a sit down with the hubby to discuss it. That discussion really didn’t lead anywhere right away, so I decided to go online and see what was available for sale should we decide to move and reduce our mortgage. My search of Ontario was not bringing up anything that seemed to satisfy our wants and my needs. I then expanded our search to B.C., New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia and although I loved the idea of B.C. it was too expensive. I was pleasantly surprised to find many good properties out East and one in particular, that was very is a big decision and one that would affect every aspect of our lives.

What to do? It is a big decision and one that would affect every aspect of our lives. Would Kerry quit his job? Would Adam want to come with us? Would Kery and I be able to live apart if he stayed be201610902_1-copyhind to keep some money coming in until we got situated? So many questions and even more unforeseen factors at play. I was excited about the property, about the area, about the new opportunities, but I could feel Kerry’s nerves building and his fear of change and uncertainty. What should I do? I called the agent and had a discussion about all of our questions.

My nerves have settled down some and now we need to take the next logical step which is to go see the property in person. Cheap airfares and car rental found, now to look at our work schedules to see when to book it. Can we do this, should we do it, does it make sense?

We would be mortgage free, however, without jobs, we would be strapped unless Kerry stayed somewhere in Ontario and kept working for a few months. I guess we will just have to put it out there and see what gets created. Meanwhile, I will continue to teach classes and learn the skills that will be required and crunch the numbers.

Joy, Love & Awareness,





A White Blanket & Rest

A blanket of white snow now covers the ground and I am peaceful. Tucked away warm and brimming with creative possibilities, I have begun the process of self-evaluation. Like sugar plum fairies the ideas of all things possible dance through my head. What else is possible in my life that I am not even aware of and who would I be if I followed what was light for me?

Interesting, at some point in our lives we were taught to be serious and life isn’t supposed to be fun and I bought that hook, line, and sinker! Crazy!! I am in the process of changing those beliefs for myself and everyone I meet. Life is to be enjoyed, our “job” is to find out what that is for us individually. My new way of being is this if it makes me smile I do it, I experience it and I share it! Seems simple enough right,?

Well, it is a terribly hard concept for many people to wrap their heads around in our current society. You see the people I have talked with say things like, “I don’t have the luxury of choosing something fun to do for work.” or “Easy for you to do your husband pays the bills.” or even “It doesn’t work like that in the real world.”. Those are all interesting points of view and I understand how you feel, you see I felt the same way at one time. Now I know that everything in life is set in motion by the choices we make and can, therefore be changed by choice as well!

One of the choices I have made is to learn new ways to manage my life, my money and the “stress” of living in our modern day society. I regularly take self-improvement courses and learn and test new ways of being and relating to others. I make it a daily practice not to judge others for their choices, whether I agree with them or not. You see I have also realized that even if I can see that it might not be their best possible choice, it is still their choice to make and the outcome is theirs as well. I have learned that lesson best from my children and as much as I would love to save them the sometimes painful lessons I have had, that’s not my job. My job is, however, to share with them my experience and alternate possibilities and help them see that there is never only one solution to a problem, but many.

I also can relate to receiving those judgments from others about what I choose to do and I have come to understand that those who judge the harshest also have the most judgments of themselves. I used to be so very hurt by their comments, now I listen and let it pass on by like snowflakes on the wind. It is my experience that what another person judges you for is a cause of great suffering deep within them, they either feel inadequate or they themselves are that which they have judged you for and project their feelings onto you. Open your heart to them, send them blessings, thank them and move on.

Some days my life seems to be like a snowglobe, unsteady and hard to see where I am going, but I know that if I keep true to my knowing and follow the choices that feel light for me I will always end up in the right place when the snow settles. You see there are only two real choices in this life choose to feel light or don’t.

Joy, Love & Awareness,







Why Valentus and Why Now?

In June of this year, I was contacted about a weight loss coffee by a friend. I have to say I was hesitant about even reviewing it because it was a network marketing company and I hadn’t agreed to look at anything to do with network marketing in almost 15 years. I put it aside for a week or so and she mentioned it again, so I thought I would have a look to satisfy her.

I had just opened a retail store and did not have the time to give to another business, but I was quite impressed with the list of ingredients. I had been involved in the development of another companies weight loss product line in the late 90’s and knew what these products could do for people, I had to order. My order came and I loved the beverages! It was so refreshing to have a product that was easy to consume and that helped me solve one of biggest weight management and health problems, water intake! I say one of because I have a few, excess weight, appetite and I also suffered from IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The first week I noticed less appetite, cravings and bloat, the second brought clarity of thought and by the third along with being a few pounds down I noticed that my IBS symptoms had diminished. What was this magic coffee and who do I share it with first I can remember thinking, well everyone should know! So with that I started sharing it on my Facebook pages and then I started to have people contact me about it. I talked to many people, some ordered and a few joined me in the business and began to have their own success!

Well here we are 6 months later and I am still losing weight and feeling better every day. My husband has also started drinking the beverages and is down almost 40 pounds and many inches! We have decided to change our eating habits to include more fruit and veggies because our bodies are craving them. We have to find another pastime since we used to love finding bakeries on our drives and now have no interest in them.

The Valentus beverages are simple to use, come in individual little packets and travel well. They mix with water, cold or hot, I prefer the latter and hubby likes them cold. I mix mine with hot water and drink as a warm, comforting beverage. They have caused me to increase my water intake and reduced my need for multiple cups of coffee because the energy I have from the beverages far exceeds what I was trying to get with the coffee I drank. BTW… no jitters or sleep lost with the Valentus beverages like I had experienced from other energy drinks, just healthy, clean energy without the crash.

We now have a small group of people on our team, are growing and making money. It is my intention to share these products with everyone we know! There are two reasons for that, one is they can potentially help you feel better than you have in many years and secondly there is serious income to be made. If you have been trying to figure out how you are going to fund your retirement, to pay for your child’s schooling or maybe just want to take a trip, I would love to share how easy you could do that with a Valentus business. It is the best choice we have made financially in a very long time. Looking forward to meeting with you because NOW is the time and Valentus is the vehicle to take you to your dreams.

Joy, Love & Awareness





The Store is in Hibernation

With the cold weather came the decision to put the store into hibernation for the winter season. The barn is a wonderful shop space however, it is not insulated and many of our products do not handle the cold well. We had thought about heating it and have even purchased a couple of propane heaters, but in the end, it just was not a sustainable or a satisfactory solution for us.

I honestly was so very sad to have to close the shop. I have taken inventory and some of the vendors have picked up their remaining products. I had a plan for the shop and I was happy to have the few months this summer and fall. I thank everyone who came to visit and those who supported this local, small business.

We will reopen in the spring with many new products and will use this time to refocus our attention on our other business, Valentus. Keep watch as I will be writing a post about in very soon.

Joy, Love & Awareness,


The Store is OPEN!

Well it has been a little bit of a journey getting here,
but we have opened our store in the front of our barn and
we are so happy.
We have decided to start with being open three days per week, 
Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. We have many handmade items from 
local artisans, Candles, soaps, Dog biscuits, crystal jewellery, 
Orgone, books, Tarot and Oracle cards, Paracord, Hand knitted and 
crocheted items.

The items will be continually changing and we will be offering 
classes on crystals, crystal grids, soap making, bubble bars, lip 
balms, essential oil roller balls, and many self improvement classes.

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As far as fruit and vegtables, it will be limited this year. Chicken 
and duck eggs are available at $5 per dozen, however if interest doesn't 
increase we will be discontinuing their sale. We are also going to be 
carrying pure honey from Willow Tree Fowl.

If there is interest I will host a couple of Intuative/ Mediumship events 
and/or classes.

So many things being created to share with you, stay tunned!

Joy, Love & Awareness,

OMG!!! Where did the time go?

I am sitting here trying to figure out where the time has gone. I would like to say the addition of the 2 new accommodation units are complete and that business is booming, but that didn’t happen…yet.

Are they on the property? Yes. However, stuff happens and life and choices change leading you down other avenues. What changed for me? …ME! I have spent the winter having a long dialogue with myself about my life. What do I want and need. What do my relationships look like? Who do I want to be in my life and why? What and who creates energy and joy in my life. All the people and things that do not contribute to my life, are no longer a part of it. I realized I have spent too long trying to make other people happy and that is not my job, it’s theirs!

I read this quote a year ago and it took a long time to get the full impact of it.

“Your mind can only define what you already know. It can’t go beyond the limitations of what it has already determined is so. Can your mind give you awareness? No. Awareness goes beyond the limitations of what your mind can define. A mind is designed to take in information, and categorize it for use, now or in the future. But it can only do that, dependent on its reference point to the past. It cannot create a future or a possibility.” ~Gary Douglas

I have taken a long look at where I have created my life from conclusions that I bought from others, that have never actually benefited me in anyway. I have found the places where I have made myself smaller than I am, to create comfort in their worlds. I have hidden the weird, wacky, wonderful, compassionate, creative and fun loving being that I can be. I concluded that is what was required to be all of the things, to all of the people that I decided were more than me. I examined all the parts of myself I cut off to be that and have since discovered that was not true for me and have since chosen to be me.

So, that being said, I am opening a small store/shop out of our barn. It will help to feed my never ending hunger to learn more and be more. I will have things created by other beings who are creating magical items, crafts and art of different forms. I will continue to teach soap and bath product classes, as well as adding other fun and creative classes. I sense that  I will be doing more energy work and classes. I will also continue to nourish myself through my gardens and learn to expand out instead of shrinking when I sense others discomfort in my world. I am grateful to have found myself. 483411_428899000509231_1300431347_n

I invite you to come along with me on this fantastical, beautiful journey to creating more in and of life. I will leave you with this question,”When was the last time you have given yourself permission to just be…?”

Joy, Love & Awareness,



What happens when you make a different choice?

The question that has come up more often in coaching and energy sessions in the past month. “What if everything falls apart?”

What if it does? Is that really a bad thing?

In my life, I know I have felt as though everything was most deffinatly falling apart with no hope of working out. This feeling has come about more than once and let me tell you I am not going there again. Bold statement, right….?

You are probably wondering how I can make such a statement. Well I have discovered that although it might seem as though everything is falling apart, the universe is conspiring to allow me the space in which to create a different possibility. Just because I decided my life should be _____ or it should look like ______, how am I to know that is the best choice for me. I have intuition and an astute awareness of where my life is going and when I make a choice that hasn’t worked out in the best way, the fix is simple…. I make another choice.

I know… I hear you… “Well if you were wrong and made a bad choice the first time, how do you know you will make a better choice this time?” Well, you don’t know unless you try and follow your intuition, your built in guidance system. I am not talking about forcing what you want to happen. It’s that light feeling you get, the bubbly, tingly, sparkling joy you get, that makes you want to lunge forward in the direction of that choice. When you get “that” feeling, it’s different for everyone, move in that direction.

If on the other hand the feeling you get is heavy, sticky, icky, opposite of the lightness, walk, no run away from that choice. Unless of course you want to create a big pile of poo to clean up, and some people enjoy that kind of thing.

I can tell you from experience that it isn’t comfortable to change what you’ve always done, and perhaps that is why your world has imploded or exploded. You’ve resisted change for so long. Thinking that by not choosing, you could just stay where you are nice and comfortable, but alas you find yourself at some point in hip waders, possibly in disbelief and sheer panic, frantically shovelling away at that pile of s**t that now lays at your feet. If you are there, your first step is to breathe, a nice deep breath and then ask a question and feel the energy around that question.

Is it light or heavy?

So now I ask you…, “What happens when you make a different choice?

Joy, Love & Awareness,


Hello and Welcome from Garden Gate Life…

My first blog post for Garden Gate Life, how cool is that?

I started Garden Gate Life because I had a longing to create something bigger than myself. Something that would help others find the answers they were looking for. You know the ones, maybe you have even asked them yourself, all the W’s.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
Where do I go from here?
I would love to be able to sit here and tell you that I have the answers you are seeking, alas I cannot. Then why should you come to me? What do I have to offer you and what makes me any different than any other business claiming to be able to help you?

To answer that I would have to tell you a story. The story begins with a young girl who struggled to fit in this world. She was liked by everyone she met, but never really felt connected to anyone. She struggled greatly in her primary school days to fit in, but never really did.

Feeling lost she turned to church for comfort, for while there she felt a strange sense of home and belonging. That came to an end one beautiful sunny day, when she went to the church during her lunch break from school. You see she went there often to light a candle, say a prayer and on this particular day she was moved to sing. Oh did she sing, loud and strong, she felt so warm, so connected. Unfortunately the priest at the time didn’t share her enthusiasm and he didn’t ask the girl why she was there. Instead he cast her out of the church, believing I am sure that there was no good to be had by a child in a church by herself. Surely she had to be up to no good. Confused the girl left the church that day, never to return to the only place she felt warm, understood and at home.

I was the girl, now a woman. I have spent the last 45 years looking for something to fill that void and I have created a life that involved many challenges and learning experiences. I have been tested in my relationships, my finances and in my faith and I am joyful when I tell you I that although I may not have all the answers, I have a good life. I have found an awareness that allows me to work with people every day to help them maneuver through their lives and create a life that brings them much more joy and abundance.

So if you are struggling in your life and desire to change it, I would be glad to discuss it and perhaps put a plan together to help you with doing just that. Your life is waiting….

I look forward to serving you.

Joy, love & awareness,